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Here at Volunteer Centre Sutton, we're not shy about the fact that we think volunteers are awesome. 

Across our wonderful city, tens of thousands of volunteers spend their spare time contributing to their communities in a diverse range of ways, from supporting our young people to helping reduce crime, from creating community cohesion to improve Londoners’ quality of life to improving the physical environment by ‘greening and cleaning’ the city in which we all live.

Volunteers are vital for making London such a world-class city; without them charities and organisations that depend on their contribution of time, skills and passion would struggle to exist.

The Team London Awards recognise and celebrate volunteers' outstanding achievements. The good news is that nominations for this year's awards are now open! However, the window to nominate closes on 31st July.

We invite all local organisations to nominate your volunteers for a Team London Award.


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What will the winners receive?

The winners will be invited to the Team London Awards ceremony at City Hall this autumn, where they will be presented with their awards by the Mayor of London.

They'll receive public recognition for their hard work and achievements as a volunteer, and be part of a huge celebration of the amazing things volunteers can accomplish when they work together to make London the best city it can be. What a great way to say thank you!

You can nominate individuals (with separate awards for under- and over-25s) or volunteering teams. The Awards cover the full range of volunteering activities in London and are presented in 4 priority areas:

  • Greening & Cleaning: Any activity that creates a better environment in the community, promotes or enables sustainability or works to help residents feel safer in their areas.

  • Mentoring & Coaching: Any one-to-one or group mentoring or coaching that equips and develops people with skills that enable them to take advantage of other life enhancing opportunities.

  • Sports and Healthy Living: Any activity that encourages and supports more active, healthier lifestyles in all sections of the community.

  • My Community: Any activity that strengthens relationships across all sections of the community, promoting a London that is for all Londoners.


I want to nominate someone! 

Nominate a volunteer straight away, or visit the Team London Awards 2016 page to find out more.


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