The Amplify Survey


AMPLIFY Project LogoAmplify (Assets-Mapping Providing Lasting Impact For You) is the name of the piece of research that will increase the volume of the VCSE sector in two ways:

  • increasing the noise about what the sector is already doing
  • increasing the capacity of the sector in the future

To do both we need to collect accurate data from as many VCSE sector organisations as possible - the survey closes on 30th June!

Other things to know:

  • £100 cash will be awarded at random to one participating organisation/group
  • Participants will be able to download the report, infographic and map: great tools to demonstrate impact!
  • Participants will be invited to an Engagement Event in September, where you can help develop recommendations for the final report
  • FInal report will be available in the Autumn but data needs to be collected by end of June
  • Amplify is a collaboration between us and SCVS



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