Celebrating Joyful January with the Volunteer Coordinators’ Forum at Sutton Soup - a Success!

Instead of a daytime Volunteer Coordinators' Forum in January, we had a drop in evening social at Shinner and Sudtone followed by the main event of Sutton Soup. It enabled those of you who volunteer around a full time job to join us too.

A group us, some familiar faces and some new ones gathered at Shinner and Sudtone for a post work drink, shared snacks, and a nice chat. Someone introduced us to their new boardgame and we could meet Otis the guide-dog prior to Sutton vision’s pitch. We were lucky to be joined by representatives of both local repair cafes.

Sutton Soup January 2024 Group 1


Sutton Soup January 2024  snacks


Sutton Soup January 2024 group 2


Sutton Soup January 2024 board game

Then we headed over together to Sutton Soup #25, just around the corner to join one of their largest turn outs in recent times.

It was such a heart-warming experience, and tummy warming experience from the delicious hot parsnip soup made from donated ingredients and filling sourdough from a local bakers. Also lovely to see some familiar faces such as Volunteer Story of the Month for November, Jo, busy volunteering in the bar!

Sutton Soup January 2024 jo

There were four pitches from: 

Winner: Hannah Davis with her very effective pitch telling us about her plans to host an event with the band of volunteers who have already offered their services to Help Sutton Teenagers, especially those who for one reason or another don't have access to the help and advice they need to succeed in life.

Sutton Soup January 2024 Hannah

Terry from Sutton Vision told us about the workshops they run to help people cope with sight loss. They can become depressed, lose their job leading to having no money and having difficulty paying bills and losing their independence. The workshops offer help and advice from people who have gone through it themselves.

 Sutton Soup January 2024  Terry


Jackie who told us about Essential Tremor - one of the most common but least known neurological movement disorders. It is a progressive condition affecting young and old alike. Sutton Shakers offer the opportunity for people with ET to meet and share the company of other sufferers. March is ET Awareness month and they want to hold a local awareness event to spread the message that if you have or know someone with ET, you are not alone.

For more information: jackie@tremor.org.uk

 Sutton Soup January 2024  Essential Tremor Jackie

Catherine came along to Soup#25 to tell us all about the benefits of singing. She became aware of people's loneliness and isolation as they get older. There isn't always a great deal to do locally, especially during the day for people who don’t want to go out in the evening. She runs singing sessions once a month to help people feel they belong, reducing isolation and improving wellbeing.

Sutton Soup January 2024 Catherine

Apart from our 4 pitchers we heard from Peter of Rotary Cheam and Sutton - 100. who are inviting local charities to help them with their Cheam Christmas Float. Participating charities share the proceeds (with the proviso that the money must be spent within Sutton and Cheam). Volunteer Centre Sutton does this regularly and it’s great fun!

If you are involved with or know a charity you think would be interested then email Peter for more information: pjpa.127@sky.com

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Sutton joined and appeared to enjoy chatting to the pitchers and members of the audience and happily participating in the evening.

 Sutton Soup January 2024 Mayor

Always wanted to go to Sutton Soup but haven't been yet? Or you go but find yourself with time to spare in between work and Sutton Soup?

We had such a great time that we’ll be replacing our April, July and October Volunteer Coordinators’ Forum with the Shinner and Sudtone, Sutton Soup Social (SSSSS?!).

The Forum is for those who work with volunteers as a staff member or as a volunteer. This is even more inclusive, want to support Sutton Soup with company? Come join us! We're a very informal, friendly and open group, all welcome.

  • Thursday 18th April 2024
  • Thursday 11th July 2024
  • Thursday 17th October 2024

 Sutton Soup January 2024 winner

5.30-7.30pm social, and 7.30pm Sutton Soup kicks off.


Get them in your diary! Any queries and let Natasha know to expect you, please email NatashaBlok@vcsutton.org.uk.

Some photos from Sutton Soup.