Volunteer Centre Sutton celebrates Volunteers' Week, our Impact and our new Vision

Over 130 people came to our Volunteers' Week celebration, to thank volunteers and to learn more about our Impact and our new Vision "Building better lives through volunteering".

On Tuesday, 4th June, we celebrated Volunteers' Week with a fantastic event attended by over 130 people. This memorable day brought together many of our 705 dedicated volunteers, as well as our voluntary sector colleagues and volunteers from some of Sutton's biggest charities and volunteer involving organisations, including Citizens Advice Sutton, Sutton Carers Centre, Age UK Sutton, Sutton Cultural Services and St Raphael's Hospice. We were also honored by the presence of the Deputy Mayor of Sutton, adding a special touch to the celebration.

The event was not just a celebration but a milestone for us as we launched our new vision: "Building better lives through volunteering." Our volunteers are at the heart of this vision, and so launching our new vision in Volunteers' Week, gives special recognition to the vital role that our volunteers play. Simply put, we could not do what we do without our volunteers.

Earlier this week, our CEO Anita Maullin spoke to Jacqui Kerr at Radio Jackie about our role as a Volunteer Centre, volunteering in Sutton and the importance of Volunteers' Week. You can listen to the full interview here

During the celebration, we took the opportunity to reflect on and share the impact we've made over the past year. The 2023-2024 period has been remarkable, with our volunteers dedicating countless hours to support various causes and initiatives. Their efforts have significantly improved the lives of individuals and families across Sutton, showcasing the true spirit of community and solidarity.

Here is a snapshot from our Impact Report for 2023-24 and you can read our full Impact Report here

2023-2024 Volunteer Centre Sutton Year at a Glance

To bring our new vision alive, we also shared our gallery of inspiring photos and quotes drawn from volunteers, residents, clients, service users and professionals that are connected to Volunteer Centre Sutton. And of course there was cake!

The event was filled with heartfelt stories, inspiring speeches, and a shared sense of purpose. It was a reminder of the profound impact that volunteers have on building a more compassionate and connected community. We are immensely grateful to all our volunteers and partners for their unwavering support and dedication. A special thank you to Atula Gor from Citizens Advice Sutton, Julia Kerr from Sutton Carers Centre, Michelle Blagrove from Age UK Sutton, Will French from Sutton Cultural Services, Jane Howard from Sutton Heritage, Ginny Toubal from St Raphael's Hospice and last but not least, the Deputy Mayor of Sutton.

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