Safeguarding for children, young people and vulnerable adults

What is safeguarding? 

Safeguarding means protecting a person’s right to live in safety, free from abuse and neglect. It is about people and organisations working together to prevent and stop both the risks and experience of abuse or neglect. The local authority has the responsibility for coordinating work to protect the most vulnerable people in our community from abuse and neglect.  

How Volunteer Centre Sutton keeps children, young people and vulnerable adults safe 

Safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults is paramount and at the centre of all our work at Volunteer Centre Sutton (VCS).  

Project planning and risk assessments  

As part of our project planning, we produce roles descriptions and risk assessments to determent the level of risk and the safeguards needed to reduce these risks   

How do we appoint people who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults? 

All staff, volunteers and trustees are subject to a thorough recruitment protocols. These included a vetting and selection process such as DBS/Police checks (if the role requires it), photo and address ID checks, interviews, references and health questionnaire.   

What training do staff, volunteers and trustees receive? 

Full role-related induction and training is then provided to ensure everyone knows how to play their part in keeping people safe. This comprehensive training includes outlining responsibilities, boundaries, and expectations as well as covering key policies such as confidentiality and safeguarding. 

Support and Supervision 

On going training, supervision or contact with both staff members, volunteers and service users/clients help build relationships, encourage positive dialog, prevent issues escalating and identify areas of concern early.   

Service users and clients 

Service users and clients are provided with information about Safeguarding, their rights and how to report any issues or concerns.   

How are parents/guardians and carers involved in safeguarding? 

Parents/guardians and carers’ input is vital in keeping people safe. VCS asks that if parents/guardians or carers have any concerns, questions or information to share about their child r vulnerable adult, that they contact their VCS team member or the VCS designated safeguarding officer. 

Raising a concern  

If a safeguarding concern is raised or a disclosure made, VCS will follow safeguarding protocols as outlined in our policies; 

  • Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy  

  • Safeguarding Children Policy 

Safeguarding is a partnership between the vulnerable person, parents and carers, VCS staff members and volunteers and other external professionals or organisations. 

If you have any queries or wish to report a concern, please contact Anita Maullin, Volunteer Centre Sutton CEO and Designated Safeguarding Officer on 020 8661 5900 or email on  

 Other useful contacts: 

If you have a concern about the Volunteer Centre Sutton or any member of our staff or volunteers, you should contact LBS directly, Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) 020 8770 4776  (secure email) 

LBS Social Services 020 8770 6770 or Out of Hours 020 8770 5000 

In the case of an immediate emergency call the Police 999 

Volunteer Centre Sutton Downloads 

Download Volunteer Centre Sutton Protecting Yourself and Others: Adult Safeguarding leaflet