Anita Maullin (CEO) 

Helen Blythe (Finance Manager)

Duncan Laker (Reception)

Inspiring Volunteering Team

Jo Dawson (Marketing and Digital Inclusion Coordinator)

Marta Rocco (Community Engagement Coordinator – Citizens Commissioning Programme, Young Commissioners and Open Doors)

Pat Stanley (Volunteering Development Manager)

Lisha Varghese (Volunteering & Brokerage Coordinator)


MAPS Mentoring, Advocacy & Peer Support Team

Diana Gilmore (Mentoring Coordinator)

Sarah Hamilton (Advocacy Coordinator)

Teresa Martucci (Advocate/Mentoring Coordinator)

Tracey Osborn (Mentoring & Advocacy Manager)

Bernie Rowe (Mentoring & Advocacy Deputy Manager/Mentoring Coordinator)

Tina Said (Mentoring Coordinator) 

Louise Storey (Mentoring & Advocacy Deputy Manager/Mentoring Coordinator)

Claire Swettenham (Mentoring & Advocacy administrator)


Sutton Befrienders Team

Irene Jordan (Befriending Coordinator)

Georgina Millings (Befriending Officer)


We are led and supported by a team of trustees.