Working with community groups to clean up Sutton

An environmental project, working with volunteers to clean up Sutton's public and green spaces

Join us in transforming public spaces in Sutton! The Community Spaces Project is a charity initiative aimed at cleaning up and revitalizing parks, riversides, and other public areas in Sutton. Our mission is to create a cleaner and greener environment for everyone to enjoy.

Our Mission

At the heart of the Community Spaces Project is the belief that every individual can make a positive impact on their community. We bring together a broad range of groups, including schools, youth groups, SEND students, and older communities, to collaborate and take collective action towards a cleaner and healthier Sutton.

Litter pick

Our Coordinator and Environmentalist

Meet our dedicated coordinator and environmentalist, Ben Thomas. With years of experience in environmental projects, Ben is passionate about making a lasting change in Sutton. He carefully plans and organizes all the activities of the Community Spaces Project, ensuring that every event is impactful and successful.

Litter Ben

What We Do

Litter Picking Events:

Join us in our regular litter picking events where we come together as a community to clean up public spaces. We work with various groups, making these events a fun and engaging experience for everyone involved. Whether you're a student, a senior citizen, or anyone in between, you are welcome to participate.

Litter Picking 'Stations':

As part of our efforts to encourage ongoing cleanliness, we have strategically placed 12 litter picking stations across Sutton parks and public spaces. These stations are equipped with all the necessary tools and instructions, allowing locals to conduct their own litter picks whenever they see the need.

Litter pick 3

Get Involved

Volunteer with us - We rely on the support of volunteers like you to make a real difference in Sutton. If you're passionate about preserving the beauty of our public spaces and promoting a cleaner environment, join us as a volunteer. Sign up for our upcoming events and help us create a positive impact.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions, or want to know more about the Community Spaces Project please contact