Joyful January 2023

Welcome to #JoyfulJanuary! We’re kickstarting 2023 with a whole month of volunteering opportunities to help you feel uplifted, bring joy to others and to your community. No matter what your skills and interests are, or whether you have just a few hours to spare or are looking for a regular commitment, there’s a role for you! 

Each day throughout the month of January, we're sharing roles(s) with a different group, charity or organisation in and around Sutton. You can find details of each role(s) on our volunteering database.

To find out more about each role, go to our volunteering database, go to "keyword search" and enter the keywords shown in brackets below (unless otherwise indicated). If you are already registered with Volunteer Connect, you'll be able to express an interest in a particular role and you will be contacted by the organisation in question. Not yet registered? You can register here.

At the end of the month, we'll send out details of all the roles we've shared on social media, in our Volunteering Newsletter, so make sure you're signed up to receive it.

1st: Home-Start Sutton (Home-Start Sutton)

2nd: Ecolocal (Ecolocal)

3rd: Sutton Befrienders (Volunteer Centre Sutton): Sutton Befrienders/Activity Buddies: expression of interest to volunteer

4th: St Helier League of Friends (League of Friends - St Helier and Epsom NHS Trust)

5th: Jigsaw4U (Jigsaw4U)

6th: 1st Cheam Scouts (1st Cheam Scout Group)

7th: Queen Elizabeth's Foundation (QEF)

8th: Doorstep Library (Doorstep Library)

9th: Sutton Community Farm (Sutton Community Farm)

10th: MAPS Mentoring (Volunteer Centre Sutton): MAPS Mentoring: expression of interest to volunteer

11th: Environmental Volunteer (Volunteer Centre Sutton): contact Ben Thomas

12th: Riverside Centre (Riverside Community Association)

13th: The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust (Royal Marsden Hospital)

14th: Sutton Council's Cultural Services (Sutton Cultural Services)

15th: St Raphael's Hospice (St Raphaels Hospice)

16th: Imagine Independence Merton Wellbeing (Imagine Merton Wellbeing service)

17th: Integrating Sutton (Volunteer Centre Sutton): Integrating Sutton: expression of interest to volunteer

18th: Sutton Lodge Day Centre (Sutton Lodge Day Centre)

19th: Refugee and Migrant Network Sutton (Refugee and Migrant Network Sutton)

20th: Ruskin Road Repair Cafe (Ruskin Road Repair Cafe)

21st: Age UK Sutton (Age UK Sutton)

22nd: Sutton Vision (Sutton Vision)

23rd: Sutton Parks (Sutton Parks)

24th: Housing 21 (Housing 21)

25th: Oaks Way Centre (Oaks Way Centre)

26th: Beddington Farmlands Conservation Volunteers (Beddington Farmlands Conservation)

27th: Maggie's at The Royal Marsden (Maggie)

28th: Sutton Carers Centre (Sutton Carers Centre)

29th: Girl Guiding Sutton (Girl Guiding)

30th: Hill House St Helier Community Action Sutton (Hill House)

31st: Sutton Ecology Centre (Sutton Ecology Centre)