MAPS Mentoring: Blake's transformative journey through mentoring and sport

After being excluded from school, mentoring became a sanctuary for Blake, especially sharing sports activities with his Mentor

When Blake was first referred to MAPS Mentoring, he was facing a tough road, having been permanently excluded from school and struggling with emotions and anger. Blake's future was looking uncertain 

Throughout the year, Blake, guided by his Mentor, underwent a remarkable transformation. He developed crucial skills of self-regulation, improved communication, and sound decision-making. Positive change was fuelled by a love of sports, video games, and movies that Blake and his Mentor discovered they had in common. 

Dealing with the challenge of school exclusion, Mentoring became a sanctuary for Blake. The Mentor provided encouragement through sporting activities, creating a space away from the instability of his academic journey, recognising the power of sports as a catalyst for change. They engaged in Blake's favourite sports, football and basketball, and ventured into new activities such as squash. Although squash posed challenges, Blake exhibited admirable perseverance. The act of channelling frustrations through physical outlets not only became a means of coping but also served as an avenue for connection and personal growth. 

Engaging in MAPS socials proved to be a significant experience for Blake, showcasing newfound maturity in group settings. His Mentor played a key role in building trust and allowing Blake to see the possibility of fostering trust with adults.  

As the Mentoring year concluded, Blake had found stability in a new school. While the year had posed its challenges, Blake reported a noticeable improvement in focus which was positively impacting his relationships with others, including teachers. He said he was...

"Taking responsibility for his actions and listening to others."

Notably, his relationships with his parents improved, bringing a sense of calmness at home. Blake proudly shared,

"People around me are impressed. It feels so much better not getting into trouble every day."

Blake's journey with Mentoring not only transformed his individual outlook but also rippled positive changes into his academic and family life. Blake began to see notable improvements in social competencies, positive values and commitment to learning. With the guidance and support of his Mentor he was able to navigate and overcome some tough challenges. In his own words, Blade said:

"Mentoring is fun, a bit of peace to myself."

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