MAPS Mentoring: Chocolate Making Workshop 2024

MAPS Chocolate Making Workshop strengthens mentor-mentee bonds through hands-on chocolate crafting led by former mentor turned master chocolatier, Derek.

Chocolate maps 4

Imagine a room filled with the rich, inviting aroma of chocolate, a space where creativity knows no bounds and young minds flourish in a delightful mix of fun and learning. This was the scene at the recent MAPS Chocolate Making Workshop, a special event led by Derek, a former MAPS mentor turned master chocolatier.

Derek's passion for both mentoring and chocolate came together in a session that was as educational as it was delicious. The process began with a magical chocolate tasting experience, which no one was complaining about, including the adults! He began by guiding the group through the intricate art of chocolate making, starting with the tempering process. The mentors and mentees watched in awe as Derek expertly heated and cooled the chocolate to achieve the perfect glossy finish and snap.

Next, it was time to explore molding and setting. Derek demonstrated how to pour the tempered chocolate into various molds, from dinosaurs to hearts, and then carefully set them aside to cool and harden. The decorating phase was a burst of creativity as Derek showed the group how to add their unique touches using edible glitter and an array of sprinkles.

The young people eagerly jumped into the hands-on part of the workshop, bringing their wildest chocolate visions to life.  The room buzzed with excitement and the joy of creating something special with their own hands.

Chocolate maps 2


Throughout the session, mentors and mentees worked side by side, their bonds growing stronger with each chocolate masterpiece they created. Laughter and chatter filled the air as they shared tips, admired each other's work, and, of course, sneaked a few tasty bites along the way.

The workshop concluded with a showcase of the day's creations, a dazzling display of chocolatey ingenuity. Each piece was a testament to the participants' imagination and the strong connections formed between mentors and mentees. As they admired their handiwork, everyone indulged in the sweet rewards of their labour, savoring the delicious treats they had crafted.

The MAPS Chocolate Making Workshop was more than just a few hours of sugary delight; it was a celebration of creativity, teamwork, and the extraordinary relationships that mentoring establishes.With satisfied smiles and chocolate-smeared fingers, the participants left the workshop with not only a stash of delicious treats but also a deeper connection with their mentoring pairs. This sweet success is sure to be remembered fondly and will inspire many more delightful adventures in the future, thank you to Derek for making it such a special experience.

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