Martha Conquers Mount Snowdon for MAPS Mentoring

This May half-term, nine-year-old Martha embarked on a remarkable journey to climb Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) in Wales, aiming to raise funds for MAPS Mentoring.

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Accompanied by her family, including her mum, dad, brother, and dog, Martha successfully summited the mountain in a record-breaking time of 5 hours—an hour less than the estimated 6 hours!
Martha's chosen route was the challenging Pyg Track for the ascent and the Miners' Track for the descent, covering approximately 12km and ascending almost 800m. In preparation, Martha completed an 8-mile hike at Box Hill in under four hours the previous weekend.

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Martha's journey began with rocky steps that tested her endurance. As she approached the summit, the path became more precarious and visibility was low. Despite these challenges, Martha was determined to reach the top.  At the peak, Martha felt as if she was "blown off her feet" and was delighted to find a pretty dial made of gold!

“As I started the climb, it was rocky steps. It was very hard, but I just thought of the £400 I raised!”

The descent via the Miners' Track offered a more relaxed path, and Martha enjoyed passing huts, bridges, and numerous sheep. A memorable moment occurred three-quarters of the way down when her brother Sonny slipped into a gully, getting soaked and providing a moment of laughter for the family.
6 x4
A special thanks to Martha for her incredible effort and dedication, a shining example of how one person's determination can make a big difference.
Martha's successful climb not only raises valuable funds but also highlights the importance of our mission to support vulnerable children and young people from across Sutton. You can still support Martha's fundraising mission by donating via our JustGiving page or signing up as a MAPS Mentor. Your generosity can help us continue our vital work through the MAPS Mentoring, Advocacy, and Peer Support project.


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