Volunteer Centre Sutton is delighted to announce that our partnership with Community Action Sutton has secured a further five years’ funding from the London Borough of Sutton

With this funding, our two organisations will work together to deliver a programme across Sutton’s voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise sector. We will build and develop the capacity, skills, knowledge and experience of the sector, helping to transform Sutton’s communities.

Councillor Marian James, Chair of People Committee of Sutton Council, said: "Local voluntary, community and faith organisations in Sutton provide so much valuable support to local families. We are very pleased to be able to continue to work with Community Action Sutton and Volunteer Centre Sutton to fund and help provide the services that we know so many residents of Sutton appreciate."

Alison Navarro, Chief Executive, Community Action Sutton said “Community Action Sutton is pleased to have the opportunity to work with the Volunteer Centre Sutton for the next 5 years in delivering a more focused service to local voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise (VCFSE) groups. The new programme of support will provide a clearer focus on supporting groups and activities that work with the most marginalised and disadvantaged in our community and it will provide an opportunity to develop different ways of working including a greater focus on digital technology and reaching out to local groups at the neighbourhood level. Community Action Sutton is looking forward to continuing to work with and developing relationships with our colleagues in the VCFSE sector and to supporting them to transform Sutton’s communities”.

Anita Maullin, Chief Executive Office, Volunteer Centre Sutton said “Working with partners and the voluntary sector will enable us to further develop and expand volunteering in Sutton. We are very pleased that this funding will allow us to grow and develop new innovative ways with specific focus on targeted areas such as small groups and organisations with less resources. This opportunity provides us all to move into an exciting phase and show the impact that we can all make to individuals and communities. We look forward to closer working with the VCFSE sector and supporting individuals, groups and organisations across the coming years”.

Alison Navarro Marian James Anita Maullin 

From L to R: Alison Navarro, Marian James, Anita Maullin

Jenny Sims, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Community Action Sutton said “On behalf of Community Action Sutton I am delighted that the Borough has placed its trust  in our organisations to provide valuable resources for the benefit of those  communities most  in need. We look forward to working with partners to  make sure the resources make a difference to  the lives of those targeted in our communities”.

Deepak Ohry, Chair of the Board of Trustees, Volunteer Centre Sutton said “This funding is fantastic news. It is critical to help deliver the many benefits to the various communities in Sutton”.

Volunteer Centre Sutton Community Action Sutton new contract

For more information please contact:

For Community Action Sutton, contact Sara Thomas, Marketing and Events Officer
email: sara@communityactionsutton.org.uk

For Volunteer Centre Sutton, contact Jo Dawson, Marketing and Digital Media Coordinator
email: jodawson@vcsutton.org.uk