Community Health Navigators save lives!

How a simple blood pressure check led to a potentially life-saving diagnosis.

Our Community Health Navigators have now undertaken an incredible 600 health checks for residents, and a recent incident highlights the invaluable work they do. One of our local grandmothers discovered just how crucial their role can be.

Following a visit by the Community Health Project team, this grandmother received life-saving news. She was informed that her blood pressure was alarmingly high and would require immediate medical attention. This simple intervention paved the way for a chain of events that ultimately saved her life.

Upon her return home, her GP contacted her urgently, requesting an immediate visit. A diagnosis of dangerously high blood pressure necessitated immediate intervention in the form of blood pressure medication and a subsequent scan. The scan uncovered a critical issue with her heart, leaving her on the brink of a heart attack or stroke. Prompt surgical intervention was deemed necessary to address the problem.

The grateful grandmother expressed her heartfelt thanks to the Community Health Navigators, acknowledging that, without the health check, she might have dismissed her symptoms as mere heartburn and opted for a temporary remedy.

This heartwarming anecdote serves as a powerful testament to the lifesaving role of Community Health Navigators and the profound impact on the lives they touch, reinforcing the importance of community health initiatives.

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