Integrating Sutton: supporting Older Hong Kongers with health and wellbeing checks

Our Integrating Sutton project coordinator, Frennie, was recently invited to meet the Sutton Older Hongkongers.

Frennie, from our Integrating Sutton project, visited the Older Hongkonger gathering recently, to share some insight about volunteering and also undertake some health and wellbeing checks with the help of our Community Health Navigators.

Integrating Sutton welcomes, and supports the integration of, new Hong Kong residents to the London Borough of Sutton.

During the session, Frennie shared valuable insights into various volunteering opportunities, and how Volunteer Centre Sutton can support people into volunteering. 

Our Community Health Navigators also joined the session, and with the help of native Cantonese speaker Frennie, were able to undertake health and wellbeing checks for older members of Sutton's Hong Kong community, many of whom speak very little English. 

A higher than normal blood pressure reading was recorded from one resident, who was then immediately connected to their GP, highlighting once again the invaluable work done by our Community Health Navigators. High blood pressure can indicate risk of stroke of heart attach and a simple blood pressure check can lead to a potentially life-saving diagnosis

Our Community Health Navigators conduct free health and wellbeing checks for residents and ensure that everyone has access to vital health information. This project is run in partnership with NHS South West London health and care partnership

If you are from Hong Kong (or support residents) and would like to join the Integrating Sutton Facebook group to find out about future events, you can join here.