Edina: "If you need a good future you can get it!”

Edina and her family came to England in 2010 from Hungary to experience a different life and new opportunities.  She worked in an office with the Hungarian Police for 18 years and was looking for an office job here.  In August 2019 she achieved her aim of a full time paid office job locally in Cheam.  Here is how she feels volunteering helped her. 

Edina“We came to change our life and to learn English.  Soon after arriving I became pregnant with my 3rd child and over the years I took on cleaning jobs and working in McDonald’s.  I had a good job in Hungary and I wanted a similar job here.  I enrolled on an intermediate English course and Book Keeping Level 1 and Level 2 to help, and eventually I went to the Job Centre. 

Volunteering was suggested and I never had imagined that people work for free! I came to Volunteer Centre Sutton and they took me on as a receptionist and helped me with my English and how to answer the phone politely and correctly.   

attended a CAB training course and volunteered at VCS to help people with their benefit forms.  It was good to interact with people, learn new words and get nice feedback. All the time I could always make a small step forward. I also wanted to volunteer to be exemplary for my children, they need to know, to go to work is an important part of our life. 

My confidence was getting higher and higher and volunteering was a really good experience and important to learn in a new environment.  I used to say to my husband please be patient with me, I know what I need to do so believe in me. 

I created a new CV to help apply for jobs which was improved by my experience at the Volunteer Centre and later at CAB. In August I was offered a full time job. I am so happy and volunteering helped me succeed.”