Volunteer Story of the Month - January 2024

Our Volunteer story of the Month for January is with a "Back to School" themed. It is also International Day of Education on Wednesday 24th January. Duncan from REUK, Refugee Education UK shares his story.

Refugee Education UK are working towards a world where all refugee and asylum-seeking children and young people can access education, thrive in education, and use that education to create a hopeful, brighter future.

Duncan is one of their Volunteer Educational Mentors.

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1. Hi, what’s your name and what volunteering do you do now?

I'm Duncan and I'm an educational mentor with Refugee Education UK.

2. What got you interested in volunteering?

I was at a protest in London against Trump and the 'Muslim Ban', and it got me thinking about what I could be doing positively in my own community. So I went away and did some research to see what kinds of volunteering opportunities there were, and how I might be able to help. Refugee Education UK came up pretty quickly and I really liked the sound of their mentoring scheme.

3. Any examples where you really enjoyed volunteering?

There are more than I could list here, but one of the main ones for me is when your mentee makes a breakthrough on something that was giving them difficulty, especially after you've been working on it together for a while. I've also really enjoyed seeing my mentees flourishing and doing well in their lives, like when they get through their exams or when you hear about the activities they are enjoying outside of education. It's a real privilege to share part of someone's life through the mentoring role.

4. Anything you would say to anyone interested in volunteering?

It's great and you should consider doing it! As everyone says, you get a lot out of it as well. Refugee Education UK is a great place to volunteer as they are really good at training and supporting their mentees.


Direct link for REUK, click here.

Simply Connect link, click here


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Here's a video detailing a little more of what REUK volunteers get up to and why they recommend it.