Priya: “Volunteering is good for the community”

Priya volunteers at the Refugee and Migrant Network in Sutton, where she teaches English as a Second language to adults:

"In 2011, my son went back to secondary school and, after a long career break, I wanted to get back into work. I needed to sharpen my skills and thought that volunteering would give me that opportunity.
“Being a volunteer has really benefited me in several ways. I found the confidence I always thought I lacked, gained the CELTA certificate for teaching English to adults and because of that was able to secure a job. Volunteering has made me a better person.

At the same time my volunteer role has allowed me to use my skills to benefit those who struggle with English, helping to integrate them into the community.

I also think volunteering is good for the community. It is like a big skills bank where the needs of people are met by others in the community with the right skills, so everyone feels more wanted, valued and cared for.

I’m proud to say that my son has been inspired by my example and is volunteering with Cancer Research, so I think it’s fair to say I’ve successfully passed on the torch to the next generation.”

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