Sutton’s Young Commissioners take on London Voter Registration Week

London Voter Registration Week is an annual campaign to encourage under-registered and under-represented Londoners to have a voice and a vote by registering to vote. London has the lowest voter registration rate across the UK regions and nations, and people aged between 18 and 24 make up the largest proportion out of all the age groups of people who don’t vote, with 1 in 3 young Londoners not registered to vote. 

Our Young Commissioners met ahead of LVRW2022 to brainstorm messages that they want to share with young people, which formed the basis of their own social media campaign throughout the week. Here is what they said: 

"You are the one who can change our future." 

"A vote is a voice. My vote is my voice. So vote for your voice." 

"Women died for the chance to vote. Don't take their sacrifice for granted." 

"Registering to vote has given me the confidence that my voice will be heard now and in the future as a young person in London. I would encourage others to take the initiative to make a change starting from click submit." 

"Voting is not only our right - it is our power." 

"You have a voice so use it!" 

"Speak out! Vote now!" 

"Do what's good for your country.” 

"Our future is on our hands. Register to vote."

LVRW 2022 Young Commissioners group shotSuper proud of all the Sutton Young Commissioners. The future is yours, so get heard! Thank you for supporting London Voter Registration Week 2022.”

Dr Elisabeth Pop, Civic & Democratic Engagement Expert, London City Hall 



Young people can register to vote from 16 years old (in England), although they won’t be able to vote in an election until they are 18 years old. Register to vote