Ukraine Support: New group supporting teenagers from the Ukrainian community in Sutton

We are excited to announce the launch of a new initiative aimed at supporting Ukrainian teenagers in Sutton.

Photos showing Ukrainian teenagers doing various activities

Sutton Ukrainian Teenagers Club is our new project which has been formed to provide a safe and supportive space for Ukrainian teenagers in Sutton and the surrounding areas, as a place where these children can find understanding, support, and community in a new place.

Our goal is to help them settle in smoothly, feel more comfortable, and make new friends, we believe this can help them to become happy. Participation in various club activities and programs will contribute to the social development of teenagers. They will learn through games and activities to communicate, collaborate, and resolve conflicts, which are important skills for their future lives.

From exciting rounds of Mafia to strategic showdowns in Monopoly, the group's fun activities promise endless entertainment and community spirit. But it's not all about play; educational initiatives, including guest psychologist sessions and interactive Kahoot quizzes, offer valuable insights and learning opportunities. Through creative workshops, outdoor picnics, and immersive quests, these activities nurture development and empower Ukrainian teens to explore self-discovery.

We hope that by participating in various club activities, it can help to reduce stress and improve the mental health of children who have experienced war and migration. As statistics show, teenagers have the most difficulty adapting to immigration, it's not easy for them, especially with a war in their country and a move to a new, albeit wonderful, but still unfamiliar and entirely different country. This becomes an extremely challenging ordeal for them. Psychologists believe that the most important thing for a teenage child is to find their environment, people of their age who can share common interests. Creating exactly such an environment is our goal. 


For more information about our work with our Ukrainian community, please click here