Volunteer Connect's New Dashboard Volunteer Management System

How would you like to be able to track progress and manage your volunteer recruitment more effectively? You can do just that with the release on 5th February 2019 of the new Volunteer Connect Dashboard.

Simply Connect have been working with Volunteer Centres to improve its effectiveness and allow Organisations to be able to add notes, mark volunteers as placed and enter start dates and hours volunteered. Making it the all in one Volunteer Recruitment & Management System.

The dashboard has 3 sections. Manage Volunteers (see below), Possible Matching Volunteers and Volunteers Who Have Started Volunteering.

 Volunteer Connect new dashboard manage volunteers










Here is an update of what’s new in the dashboard

  • Ability to record volunteer placements, when the volunteer started and hours volunteered
    • The Start and End date allows you to record when a volunteer starts/finishes volunteering
  • Easily edit and update records
  • Ability to add in your own notes i.e. on the volunteer application process
  • See when a record was last edited
  • Have a record of historic notes
  • The Status field includes the options:
    • Contacted
    • application in progress
    • confirmed interest
    • started
  • Click on the volunteer’s name to view the volunteer’s full profile
  • Dashboard available displaying volunteers who have been matched to your roles (possible matches)
  • Column headings are searchable 

Make your promotion more effective

Now you can see how the new dashboard brings together all elements of the volunteer recruitment process, why not direct more potential volunteers to it?

  • Put a link to your volunteer roles on Volunteer Connect in all your recruitment promotional materials.
  • If you use social media add the link onto your posts
  • If you use your website to promote the why not add in an apply now button that links to your role on volunteer connect

This will make it easier for your Organisation to manage, and offer a quick and easy experience for potential volunteers.

If you have any questions then please get in touch with Pat or Lisha at VCS

We hope you like it!

The VCS Volunteering Team