Community Volunteer Squad helps Ken to continue to live independently

Can we do it, YES we Ken!

The Volunteer Centre Sutton's Community Volunteer Squad has once again demonstrated the power of community support by lending a helping hand to a local resident in need. The project, which brings together compassionate volunteers to assist locals with one-off tasks, achieved another heart warming success with its latest assignment.

The task at hand was to assist Ken, a resident who faces mobility challenges due to disability. Ken's computer desk had seen better days, and he was in dire need of a more accessible and functional workspace. The volunteers of the Community Volunteer Squad stepped in to make a difference.

Patrick generously devoted his time and expertise to help Ken. This involved dismantling Ken's old computer desk and removing it. Then Patrick expertly assembled a new flat-pack table at a suitable height to accommodate Ken's wheelchair, and helped to put his computer equipment back in place, ready for use.

Squad Kens Desk

The result is that Ken, who had been facing challenges in accessing his computer equipment, now has a fabulous new desk that meets his needs perfectly. The smiles on both Ken's and Patrick's faces were a testament to the positive impact that a little community support can achieve.

 Squad Ken and Patrick

"It's truly heartening to witness the transformative power of community volunteering," said Jane, the spokesperson for Volunteer Centre Sutton. "The dedication and kindness displayed by volunteers like Patrick make a significant difference in the lives of our fellow residents. This project is a shining example of what can be achieved when neighbours come together to support one another."

The success of the Community Volunteer Squad's mission has further motivated individuals to step forward and participate in this rewarding initiative. If you too are interested in joining the group of compassionate volunteers who make a difference in the lives of Sutton residents, we would encourage you to learn more about the project and register your interest here

By working together, the Community Volunteer Squad continues to create a stronger, more connected community where individuals like Ken receive the assistance they need, and volunteers like Patrick find fulfilment in contributing to the well-being of their neighbours.