Young Commissioners: Sutton Mural Design

The Young Commissioners meeting every fortnight in term-time to help make a difference in Sutton. In their latest session, we arranged for local community artists, Team Imagineers, to do a short workshop so the young people could share some ideas for what to include in the new massive mural being made in Sutton.

Recently the Young Commissioners have met with Sutton Women's Centre, Cranstoun and the Met Police. 14th May was the turn of Team Imagineers to bring something different to the group, a bit of community art!

Team Imagineers support mental health, well-being and build stronger communities through their projects. Their latest one is to design, clean, prepare and paint 47 metres of community mural down Public Right of Way 15 behind St Nicholas Church near the Civic Centre. The theme is sustainability, environment and nature.

Team Imagineers advert square Team Imagineers information


For this session, we opened up our waiting list to offer taster sessions for some potential new Young Commissioners, our MAPS young people and our Ukrainian teenage group and had a great turn out!

Our Young Commissioners wrote:

“This week the young commissioners had a wonderful workshop by Team Imagineers to help design one Massive Mural! We had to come up with a creative and fun design that had a lot of diversity, plants, cars, cyclists with the focus being on climate change and the importance of sustainability, environment and nature.” Daksha wrote this on their Instagram page (

“The Young Commissioners as well as other inquisitive young minds joined together to unleash their more artistic sides. Creating several new and wonderful designs to be created into a mural at an old community wall that needs a new look. We’re so excited to see the results!” Aratrika

Young Commissioner Mural May 2024 2 Young Commissioner Mural May 2024 3

Some of our visitors shared their views too:

 "I had a great time finding out about the mural that was to be created in favour of the environment and we all spent time afterwards drawing pictures that we thought would be great on the mural. It was fun and the team was friendly so lots of ideas about drawings were being bounced around. I can't wait to see the end product of the mural!" Joanna

 “I really enjoyed the session and it allowed me to express my ideas creatively and feel like I was having an impact on the Sutton community. I felt welcome and at home.” Toby

 “Everyone was very welcoming and the energy was very positive!” Laurita

 “I had a great time working, listening and sharing ideas with others.” Shubham

 “I found the session really interesting and engaging and it made me feel as part of a community. I am looking forward to another session.” Sophia

Thank you to all who joined and Simon from Team Imagineers for leading.