Angela desperately wanted to escape a dangerous domestic situation

When Angela was referred to MAPS for child protection advocacy support, she was a 15 year old with a history of self-harm. Angela was living in a very difficult situation which involved domestic violence and controlling behaviour by her mum’s partner.

The situation very quickly escalated and she was terrified to go home and be left in the house alone with him.

I really want me and my mum to start a new life away from here

The very first time we met her she told us her situation and how afraid she was, explaining that she couldn’t see a future. She desperately wanted to move away and start a new life with just her mum. She didn’t want to be afraid any more.

Angela’s advocate represented her wishes and concerns at conference. Thankfully, by being brave enough to tell us her story, MAPS were able to support her along with other professionals to get the help that both she and her mum needed.

It has been a long road but everyone involved was pleased to say there was a positive outcome. Both Angela and her mum were moved to a place of safety and now have their own home and have started a new life.

Now we’re safe and we have a new life and a future

She remained in school and took her GCSE’s. Despite how difficult this last year has been for her, she now sees a future for herself.

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