Jackie was having a tough time at school

Jackie was 15 years old when she was referred to MAPS for advocacy support. She had experienced abuse as a child and was having a tough time at school.

I really needed help with what happened to me

Jackie told her advocate that she was keen to get some help to process her childhood experiences and that she wanted to move schools. With her advocate’s help and support, Jackie attended the meeting and heard her wishes shared with the decision makers. She was delighted when all present agreed that it would be beneficial for her to move schools. She was also offered support to help her process childhood trauma.

Subsequent conferences showed that Jackie was accessing support which she found helpful, that she was settled in a new school, was attending well and importantly had made some new friends and had positive relationships.

I'm much happier at my new school

Jackie was delighted with the outcome and said she felt very supported by her advocate. Jackie’s mum even sent a message to the advocate to thank her for supporting her daughter. With the support of a MAPS advocate, Jackie was able to share her thoughts and wishes. Advocacy gave her some control over her future which is now far more positive.

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