Young Commissioners: Easter Egg Hunt Fundraiser

As Volunteer Centre Sutton is one of the Mayor of Sutton’s two chosen charities for 2023-2024, the Young Commissioners co-created an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Saturday as a fun fundraising activity.

Navani, one of the Young Commissioners writes:

The Young Commissioners had lots of fun helping out at the Easter Egg hunt event at Manor Park on Saturday 30th March! There were a variety of events including a sand box with hidden eggs, henna tattoos, face painting, coloured egg scratching, colouring activities, a photo booth and even an Easter egg hunt trail!

All these stands were run by the Young Commissioners and the Young Commissioner team! It was a lot of fun and included something for everyone.

Aratrika, one of the Young Commissioners helping on the day, said “during the easter event I helped with the easter egg hunt. In this activity my job was to distribute different number cards throughout a small field area of Manor Park, and then children would look for numbers 1-10. When they were done they'd take their full set of numbers back to the stand and exchange them for a chocolate egg. The completed sets were then handed back to me and I'd then again distribute them in different hiding spots. It was a lot of fun to see the children recognise I had the numbers and then start to look out for where I'd just visited to find a number for their set.”

The park was greeted with lots of smiles and lots of excitement, and was overall an amazing event. We managed to raise over £650 for the Mayor of Sutton’s charities; St Raphael’s local hospice and Volunteer Centre Sutton.  A huge thank you and well done to anyone who participated in organising the event!

An extra thank you to the kind organisations who donated chocolate eggs and lollies: Lexis Nexis, Lidl, Tesco, Morrisons, Enjoy Sutton and Waitrose.

See the Young Commissioners Instagram here.


Here are some photos from the sold out, sunny event.

The Easter Egg Hunt begins...

Easter Egg Hunt 2024 beginnings

Plenty of activities to get stuck into.

Easter Egg Hunt 2024 activities

Young Commissioners hard at work.

Easter Egg Hunt 2024 Hard at work

Always smiling and happy to help!

Easter Egg Hunt 2024 Young Commissioners

All for this result of locals enjoying themselves!

Easter Egg Hunt 2024 3