Sutton Befrienders welcome staff from British Airways

We were delighted to welcome staff from British Airways to learn more about our Activity Buddy programme, part of our Sutton Befrienders project. This programme, which is funded by Comic Relief, supports people with disabilities to take part in physical activities, movement and sport in a fun, flexible and motivating way, encouraging choice and independence.

In partnership with Comic Relief, British Airways have raised over £20 million since 2010, for Comic Relief’s projects. A group of BA staff came to Sutton to join in our activity programme and meet our volunteers and service users, and hear more about our work and the impact its having.

Sutton Befrienders British Airways Comic Relief Beddington ParkOur visitors enjoyed a morning with the Beddington Park Monday walking group. This is one of three weekly groups we run, which are regularly attended by over 80 people. They are open to anyone who may enjoy a nice walk with some good company.

In the afternoon, our visitors attended our very first “Music & Movement” taster session held at a sheltered housing complex, run by Sutton Housing Society. This is something we’ve been wanting to trial for a while. Dancing and moving to music leads to many additional benefits such as Increasing coordination and mobility, as well as providing more social interaction.Sutton Befrienders British Airways Comic Relief photo

Great fun was had by all! Thank you to British Airways staff for everything you do to support Comic Relief, and thank you to Comic Relief for funding us!

Find out more about our Sutton Befrienders activity programme