The Young Commissioners' first meeting for 2023

It was great to see everyone after the Christmas and New year break and the first meeting of the year was a busy one! This meeting was to look ahead to future plans and activities, as well as working on the three-year youth engagement strategy for Sutton. Hear from Young Commissioner Navani about our first meeting of the year: 

"In today’s session, the Young Commissioners talked about the proposed date for the litter pick, which was lots of fun as well as success in 2022! We have decided on going to Rosehill, which is a change from the previous two “Sutton Sweeps”!  

There is an exciting build-up of proposed events for this year, such as the Race Equality Conference taking place on 9th February and a bake sale for International Women’s Day on 8th March! These proceedings are planned to go towards the White Ribbon Charity, or the Sutton Women’s centre (we agreed that this would be a more local and community heart felt decision!).

The Three-Year Youth Engagement Strategy looks amazing! Personally, I found quite little to improve in it, but some considerations were given by the amazing group of Young Commissioners we have! We may need to have a follow up session to discuss this in more depth. And finally, we discussed ideas of online safety and a bullying campaign, which opened an area for significant improvement within the Sutton community.’’ 

If you would like to attend the Race Equality Conference on 9th February, you can register for tickets here. 

Our next litter pick takes place on Wednesday 15th February, all welcome to join! You can find out more here.