‘Welcome to the UK’ course for Sutton’s Hong Kongers

In collaboration with Cheam Coterie, Volunteer Centre Sutton hosted a 'Welcome to the UK' course for Hong Kongers who have recently settled in Sutton, as part of our Integrating Sutton project.

Integrating Sutton Welcome to the UK course group photo 6x4This six week course provides Hong Kongers with the opportunity to meet friends and access support and information to help them integrate and settle in the UK. The course is designed by UKHK.org and the sessions covered:

  1. Welcome to the UK
  2. Understanding British Culture
  3. Making Friends
  4. Solving Problems
  5. Enjoying Wellbeing
  6. Valuing Citizenship

One of our participants said:

“It is a brilliant course for the Hong Konger who is unfamiliar with British culture. I learnt plenty of useful and practical knowledge and information. As well, we were offered an opportunity to have a lunch gathering with some lovely local friends. This course motivated me to keep understanding and integrating in the British society in the future. All in all, I think that this course is fruitful and unforgettable for me and the other Hong Kongers.”

Integrating Sutton Welcome to the UK course NHS SuttonThe course ended with a magnificent celebration lunch and the participants have now set up their own WhatsApp group to keep in touch. A huge thank you to St Dunstan’s Church Hall in Cheam for hosting us! We would also like to thank Sutton Council for their talk on voting and voter registration, and NHS Sutton CCG for their talk on healthcare.

We are recruiting now for volunteers for our Buddy programme. This matches UK nationals (Buddies) with recently settled Hong Kongers. They meet weekly (on a one-to-one basis) for around 12 weeks and support with navigating UK life, understanding the local area, helping with their conversational English etc. It's really rewarding for volunteers and the Hong Kong community benefit hugely. If you are interested in becoming a Buddy, please add your contact details to this form and we'll be in touch! 

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